Hospice & Palliative


Hospice and Palliative medicine are two unique practices of medicine that are indeed separate, but also work fluidly in conjunction. Most patients (and some providers) you talk with associate the two as synonymous as well as equivalent to “going home to die.” In talking with dozens of patients and families, there is a connotation surrounding the specialty in America, and communication is of the utmost importance when approaching this discussion. Our goal is to delineate the difference between the two, educate you as to who the key team members are and what you can expect when consulting them, and to help you hone your skill and art of these incredibly powerful conversations and moments with patients and their families.

A truth of medicine we all must face is that life is finite, and eventually the interventions we offer patients do more harm than good. It is well documented the increase in both quality and quantity of life gained when incorporating Hospice and Palliative medicine into patient care. You will care for patients who are dying, both acutely and chronically. You will work with Hospice and Palliative folks perhaps more than you hope. We want to bridge that relationship and help you both get the most out of each other.