Demonstrating your education, and increased knowledge and awareness of death and dying.

As part of our mission to increase the ability of medical students and residents to lead end of life care discussions with patients and their families, we offer a unique certification that can be added to your CV, residency and job applications. Upon completion, you will be emailed a copy of your official End of Life Literate Certification as well. The total time commitment to become End of Life Literate is between 3-5 hours, and the following are requirements:

  • Choose and read five Patient Scenarios, and respond with a paragraph about how that scenario has impacted your view on end of life care in those circumstances. You can also include how it may have helped you in talking with patients and their families in similar circumstances.
  • Complete a Narrative Medicine piece. The topics are wide open, but write up to two pages about your experiences with death and dying. Patient stories are encouraged, but please remove any identifying information.
  • (Optional) Read one of the Books listed or a book of your choice about death and dying, and respond with a paragraph about how that book impacted your views and future practice on death and dying.
  • Read three Academic, and three Media articles that stood out to you.
  • Watch three TED Talks, and three Education videos that looked interesting to you (the Atul Gawande Being Mortal video from PBS Frontline can count as all three as it’s an hour).
  • We would also like to see your interactions with end of life care, so please include the email of a senior or attending you participated with in a death and dying conversation with a patient and/or their family. Include a brief paragraph about the patient, and how that experience impacted you.

We recommend you write all responses in a text document, then copy and paste them into the boxes below. We wish you all the best, and are honored to have been an active participant in your personal End of Life Literacy.