Reading about death and dying discussions and stories is a way to build your vision, theory, and philosophy of how you will communicate with patients in your moments with them – the framework to a house, if you will. However, it’s through film we can see the nuances of non-verbal communication; we ingrain music that ebbs and flows with the conversations unfolding before us – the character and comfort that make a house a home, if you will.

Through film and educational videos, we hope to offer more than checklists, but a way to understand how you connect in the bigger picture of a patient’s final months, weeks, days, or moments. Death and dying can often weigh heavy on a young physician, and the modalities included are meant to inform and empower, but most importantly, be a cathartic release and allow time for processing in what will be some of your most memorable patients.

The TED Talks are a way to think about some bigger picture issues in death and dying, while the Education section is tailored more as specific instruction regarding end of life care.