As in all medicine that we study, the sources used when researching a topic can be valid even if it’s not in an academic journal. Just as NEJM and JAMA have their place in providing information, places like Wikipedia do just as well when we need a reminder of what some receptor we haven’t studied since Step 1 does.

Dr. Tom Townsend, MD is a Family Medicine physician who specializes in Geriatrics, and has over 40 years of clinical experience. He has helped found 3 hospice houses in rural underserved Appalachia, taught hundreds of medical students and residents, been on several national coalitions and committees for advancing ethics and humanities education into medicine, and established and teaches an end of life care ethics and humanities course for medical students and residents.

In the Academic section, you’ll find published journal articles Dr. Townsend uses as teaching tools from his end of life care course. In the Media section, you’ll find articles from places like the New York Times, Huffington Post, The New Yorker, etc. that he has specifically selected for their utility in opening discussions about death and dying in our changing culture. You will find his comments and article descriptions useful in delineating the specific information you need, whether academic or personal. Some will help in your coping with losing patients, while others will educate and empower you in the process of dealing with death and dying.